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We build sustainably in aluminium. This means that every RFY can be recycled again and again. The materials used meet the highest standards. The use of plastics is avoided as far as possible. For weight reasons, the top is made of carbon. Our space concept places uncompromising emphasis on use. With a headroom of 2.03m in the cabin and bathroom, we set new standards in this boat size. Comfort for us means a shower with a width of 78 cm and a depth of 1.2m (incl. seat). The toilet is of house-standard size.

Company Background
Sleep well - On the king size mattress with a width of 1.8 m and a length of 2.10 m with 2-piece slatted frame you can spend several days comfortably. Enough storage space for luggage under the bed and a side cabinet offer room for your outfits. The 90cm high refrigerator is located next to the kitchen block with covered sink. Solid wooden stairs with handrails and the low-cut roof with sliding glass door allow an upright and safe passage out of and into the cabin.

Company Background
Whether it is the large window bands or the elaborate lighting, the special shapes, the materials or the ergonomic proportions, the RFY 40' unmistakably conveys a feeling of perfection - right down to the last detail. There are hardly any limits to your individuality. If it is technically feasible, we will implement your wishes.

Roland FriedbergerDesigner & Managing Director

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